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About Me.

Hi there! My name is Anthony Bromberg. I am a highly dedicated and adaptive Mechanical Engineering Technology student at Purdue University with an endless drive for creation and a strong commitment to teamwork and service. I have included a selection of my favorite projects below, but feel free to check out my other work here as well. Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio and I hope you find some inspiration along the way.


In this MET 102 project, I had the opportunity to design a machine that would either crush a can of soda or break a glass bottle. The machine had to incorporate a chain and sprocket drive system or a belt drive system, a minimum of two simple machines (lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, or screw), at least one type of bearing, one motor, and proper welding or mechanical fasteners. Additionally, the...   Learn More

As a new member of Purdue’s FSAE Chassis team, I was tasked with the introductory project of designing a front crash structure that met or exceeded pre-defined design targets. The goal of this project was to continue to progress with my CAD skills by incorporating more independent and complex design problems. I was also given the opportunity to learn simulation techniques in ANSYS, the FEA software used by the team...   Learn More

At a young age, while I was interested in 3D printing, I was often met with doubt and disbelief from those around me. However, during my sophomore year at university, I decided to investigate the technology and evidence behind it for myself. Due to my prior experience from certain Purdue courses, I quickly became familiar with the typical components and functionality of 3D printers. I also began researching the costs for each...   Learn More

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