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Purdue MET 10200: Penny Press

Software Used

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2022

This project was a team-based design challenge where I worked in a group of 4 students to design a penny press machine that could be either hand cranked or motorized. Our task was to design a machine that could press pennies with 3 different designs, and we were responsible for developing all necessary parts, assemblies/subassemblies, and mechanical drawings required for the fabrication of our machine. To begin, our team conducted research on similar machines currently on the market and analyzed them in terms of how they were manufactured and assembled, what standard parts were able to be used, and what custom parts had to be designed.

As we modeled and documented our machine, we had to incorporate the information covered throughout the duration of MET 102, which included applying appropriate tolerances based on part requirements and its interaction with other parts, using GD&T to ensure the parts fit and functioned together properly, calculating and applying fits between shafts and holes, using clearance holes for fasteners and specifying tolerances in mechanical drawings, utilizing bearings and drive systems, and utilizing standard parts as much as possible. For non-standard/custom parts, we had to ensure that we documented all facets of the part and considered manufacturing processes to ensure that we were designing for manufacturing.

We had to develop and sign a team contract that outlined the design challenge we were pursuing and the duties and responsibilities of each team member. The project required strong teamwork, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail as we had to ensure that our design met the required standards and specifications. This project helped me to develop my technical, teamwork, and project management skills.

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