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My Experiences

Welcome to the experiences section of my portfolio! As you browse through the different experiences I've had, you'll notice that each one has a picture associated with it. You can use the arrows on the picture to see additional pictures related to that experience. I'm always happy to share my stories and insights, so if you have any questions or want to know more about a particular experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.


FSAE Chassis: Manufacturing

As a member of the Chassis Team for FSAE, I spent some time in the SAE Shop where I assisted with manufacturing tasks. These tasks included constructing jigs for the racecar frame by press-fitting roller pins and u-bolts into square bars with adjustable through holes, removing coatings on parts to be welded with acetone for improved weld quality and safety, filing down fabricated pedal box tabs for better tolerances, preparing and grinding tungsten electrodes for tig welding, and observing the tig welding process.


Purdue MET 14300: Casting

To become familiar with casting techniques, my group decided to utilize a propeller pattern to fabricate a mold in sand. In addition, we constructed a gating system to help facilitate the flow of molten material into the mold. Under the guidance of our instructor and with the assistance of a fellow student, I personally helped pour the molten material into the mold, which was then allowed to solidify. Upon completion of the solidification process, the sand mold was subsequently broken open to reveal the resultant casting.


Purdue MET 14300: SMAW

Becoming proficient in Shielded Metal Arc Welding techniques required our class to have three separate lab sessions dedicated to it. I came to understand that in this welding process, a consumable electrode coated in flux is used to lay the weld. The electrode, held in a welding gun, is melted and used to add material to the weld joint. To initiate this process, an electric arc between the electrode and workpiece heats the metal to the melting point for welding. Taking a look at the pictures on the left, you will find a couple of my fillet weld attempts as well as the initial speed and accuracy test that I conducted.

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