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FSAE Onboarding: Bike Pedal Mechanism

Software Used

Siemens NX 1946

As a new member of the Purdue FSAE team, I was tasked with creating a CAD model of a bike pedal using Siemens NX software following the FSAE format of robust designs. The goal of this project was to learn how to use NX to create a functional design while also following the FSAE guidelines. I was able to learn a range of topics such as using the WAVE Geometry Linker, creating sketches with geometric constraints and mirror curves, creating features such as holes, extrusions, revolve, mirror geometry, trimming, and assembling separate parts with assembly constraints. I also had the opportunity to practice downloading and utilizing parts from vendors like McMaster-Carr.

In addition to CAD modeling, I also created a bill of materials for all parts used and learned how to prepare .DXF files for parts to be water-jetted. This project provided me with a comprehensive learning experience in CAD design and the manufacturing process. It covered the different stages of design development and gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge in real-world scenarios. Ultimately, this project helped solidify my understanding of the computer-aided design process when using Siemens NX.

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