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Modified Ender 3 Version 2 Build

Software Used

Prusa Slicer 2.5.0
Ultimaker Cura 5.1.1

Current Status


At a young age, while I was interested in 3D printing, I was often met with doubt and disbelief from those around me. However, during my sophomore year at university, I decided to investigate the technology and evidence behind it for myself. Due to my prior experience from certain Purdue courses, I quickly became familiar with the typical components and functionality of 3D printers. I also began researching the costs for each component, the various costs for monthly maintenance, and the costs of any necessary tools that I did not have at the time and absolutely needed for a printer. Additionally, I discovered that there were many printable modifications available online that were cheaper than brand name modifications, which would help me save on costs while still achieving the results that I desired.

After careful consideration, I chose the Ender 3 v2 for its large community and aftermarket accessibility. Upon receiving all of the parts, I immediately constructed the printer with any modifications that I had purchased to avoid having to take it apart multiple times in the future. Since then, I have been consistently running the printer to obtain any necessary modifications that I knew would improve the quality of my prints. I have also been experimenting with different slicing software such as PrusaSlicer and Ultimaker Cura, and am constantly learning new and better methods of producing G-code through each of my prints.

I thoroughly enjoy maintaining, testing, and constructing new modifications for my printer, and am excited to eventually start producing perfect prints of the designs for products that I have created in computer-aided design software. Furthermore, I am excited to incorporate the concepts from my current manufacturing course, including programming my own G-code using CNC programming and manufacturing automation techniques that I will have learned by the end of the semester. Overall, I am glad that I challenged the norm and pushed through to find an interest that will continue to grow and evolve for as long as I live.

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